Is your computer running slow?   Showing annoying pop-ups?   

Freezing?    Too long to start up or shut down?   


Your computer may be infected!  




 Only $99.00

  • We will remove all viruses, spyware, malware
  • We will repair error messages$
  • We will update your software and drivers
  • We will clean your computer inside out! 


Serving you... like service was 20 years ago

Colin and Rand - NOS Computers Marana

Colin and Rand - NOS Computers Marana
Computer repair & virus removal


Hello Friend,


We are Colin, owner of NOS Computers and Rand, the master technician of the shop.


We do full computer service... like service was given 20 years ago: friendly, knowledgeable, efficient. Our customers are kings. 


Take answering the phone, for instance. When you call us you won't talk to a machine. We don't put you on hold for minutes at a time. We pick up the phone and you can talk to us directly. 


We make it easier on you. When you call us because your machine has a problem, we don't treat you like a nuisance or a wallet. We ask you details about the problem, and if a solution can be managed on the spot, we give it to you right away — at no cost.


When you come to our shop, next to Fry's on Tangerine and Thornydale, we take your machine right in and schedule maintenance as early as possible (same day or next). We understand you need the machine in working order urgently.


Likewise, if you need a part we'll call our many supplier friends and wholesalers in the computer industry to get it to you at the lowest possible cost. Money is hard to come, why waste it?


Good manners can make a world of difference too. We are old school: if you are a lady or our senior in age, or if you are disabled, we help you carry your machine from your car to inside the shop. We make it easier on you.


We bring back service like service was 20 years ago, when people on both sides of the counter were civil, caring, and friendly. 


And because we have a long experience in computers, we are efficient in what we do.


Try us out, you won't regret it! Call us at (520) 395-2346.