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Monday-Friday: 9am-5:30pm

Saturday: 10am-3pm

Welcome to NOS Computers! As you may soon find out, we're here to help you with whatever computer needs you may have. It's not too often you find a store like us where you can fix your old computer or buy a new one.


Thats right! We can fix almost anything! If you feel something is wrong with your system, feel free to bring it in for a free diagnostic! at no cost to you we will take a look at your system and tell you what the problem is. In most cases, We can diagnose a computer within minutes! And don't think our work is just set for PC's because we also work with Apple products! We can fix broken screens or get your iMac working like new.

Sometimes, it's better to let go of the past. If your device is old, too slow, or just not worth fixing, then you can also purchase a laptop or computer tower from us at a nice easy price to work with. And all our new and refurbished computers come with a 12 month parts and labor warranty plus you'll get 50% of the first service your new system recieves. When you purchase from us, we make sure you leave happy. We'll install any old programs that you have CDs or Licenses for and rid of all the junk on the computer that you dont want on there. We'll provide you with a free anti-virus if you don't already have one and we'll inform you on anything you want to know. Plus Data Transfer is $20 less than regular price!


We treat our customers like royalty here to make it easier on you. When you call us because your machine has a problem, we don't treat you like a nuisance or a wallet. We ask you details about the problem, and if a solution can be managed on the spot, we give it to you right away — at no cost. You won't call us and talk to a machine, you'll talk directly to Kaitlin, and she'll put you onto the tech the knows most about your problem. Tom, Rand, or Colin will do their best to help you in whatever way they can.


When you come to our shop, next to Fry's on Tangerine and Thornydale, we take your machine right in and schedule maintenance as early as possible. We understand you need the machine in working order urgently and we want to get it back to you as quickly as possible. We get most systems back to their owners either by the end of the day or by the next day.


For the convienience of the customers, we also offer a pick up and drop off service. You simply pay a travel charge and we send one of our technicians to pick up the system from your home and bring it back to the shop to get it fixed. Once we've finished caring for for your machine, we bring it back to you AND set it up again and make sure you're happy.


Alot of people actually want to build their towers from the ground up and we recognise that. We offer shells, accesories, and parts in addition to our systems. If we don't have the part you're looking for in stock we'll happily order it for you for the lowest price and secure quality.


Something that has been lost to time is the manners that salespeople used to have. Well Walking into NOS Computers,  you'll see it's not lost after all! If you need help carrying your computer from the car or to the car, we're more than happy to help. We don't believe in stupid questions here, and want to provide you with enough information that you don't have to repair or fix anything in the future. While we  love our customers, we'd rather see them happy with their systems instead of frustrated.


We bring back service like service was 20 years ago, when people on both sides of the counter were civil, caring, and friendly. And because we have a long experience in computers, we are efficient in what we do. So put some faith in us, you wont regret it.


There is a virus, nicknamed the FBI virus, going rampant amoungst computer systems everywhere.This virus does many things to harm your computer and yourself. The main thing that this virus is known for is locking you out of your computer stating  "The operating system has been locked/suspended due to the violation of federal laws of the United States of America/Violation of Copyright and Related Rights Laws/Unauthorized Cyberactivity." Then it demands that you pay a cetian amount (usually anywhere from $100-$500) within 72 hours or you will be arrested. This is a hoax and even if you pay, your computer will not be unlocked and you will continue to see the same message. While you are stuck on this fake FBI warning the virus can also damage your operating system, and steal personal information like passwords & bank account information. You need to get your computer serviced immediately if it has this virus.

Fourth of July Sales!

Happy 4th of July everyone! To celebrate the upcoming holiday, NOS is having some amazing sales! Biostar Dual Display Graphics Cards, 875 Watt Gamer Series Pro Power Supplies, and Belkin Sharemax N300's are 15% off; Turtle Beach Ear Force X41 Wireless Headphones have been brought down from $125 to $95; Airbak Backpacks have been brought down from $35 to $29.95: and our Ario 46" Television has gone down from $495 to $450! Hurry in because these deals are only until July 3rd and it's while supplies last!


On another note, we will be closed on July 4th. We appreciate your patience.

St. Patrick's Day 2013 Annoncement


The St. Patrick's Day winner was announced! Congratulations Ms. Judy Barnes! Enjoy your winnings! We look forward to servicing your computer in the future!

Valentine's 2013


Congrats to Mr. Barry Hayes!

In February we had a Valentine's Day Giveaway, which many people entered into by either filling out a survey online or purchasing something in the store. On the 15th a name was pulled at random and Mr. Hayes was our Lucky Winner! 


Keep an eye out for more events and giveaways!